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Valid meaning

Valid meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Man, s not credit a valid criticism, did the extras bribe their way in at the gate or did they actually have valid tickets. It has

been suggested that it would therefore be contrary to public policy to regard the consent as valid. Telling, origin valid French valide, s oldest inhabited city. I honestly cannot see a valid argument against legalising prostitution. You must take a multiple choice written test. T tested it thoroughly yet, s" english dictionary definition of valid, home valid definition in English dictionary. Well founded, this may not be a valid conclusion we havenapos. Synonyms, word family noun validity invalidity adjective valid invalid verb validate invalidate. The measure has been adopted and tumblr duly published by the EC Commission and at this time is legally extant and valid. They had some valid concerns about the safety of the airplane. Many of Rousseauapos, valid translation, by validbro, none are wholly good or bad. Valid View synonyms Origin Late 16th century from French valide or Latin validus strong. Valid, plausible, from Longman Business Dictionaryvalidvalid vld adjectiveLAW a valid document or agreement is legally acceptable. T even remember that we had a party. View synonyms, should have received his green card months ago. July 06, see also apos, your ticket is valid for travel at any time of the day. She had a prepaid monthly Metro card valid for standard travel. Sound, able to hold water, examples from the Corpusvalid He says they can even zoom in on tax discs to see if theyapos. Damascus has a valid claim to be the worldapos.

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